Ultraflow 2

Platform: Android/iOS/Amazon phone sotre/Windows Store
Release Date: January 2016
Studio: Ultrateam

Project presentation
Ultraflow 2 is the eponym successor to Ultraflow, our multi-million downloads game. Ultraflow 2 is a minimalistic game where you just have to through a ball into a hole! Half puzzle game, half arcade game, Ultraflow 2 has proved to be a very engaging game with a strong million players.

The game was developed in several months aside school and work with my long time colleagues and friends Thibaud Troalen, Hugues Barlet and Gautier Tintillier  as well as Théophile Loalec and Maxime Bondoux who helped us with the interesting souds and music.

My responsibilities

Game and Level Design

We actually designed the gameplay feature all together. Then, I designed about one hundred levels in the game.

The game contains 180 levels + their hardcore copy version. The game is divided in 3 big chapters, each containing 60 levels themselves divided into 5 different level groups with different level design principles and topics.

The game was developped using Unity engine with different plugin and custom editing functions made by Thibaud Troalen.

We set a very tight release deadline as we were working on it after school or after work. So for the production of the level, we had a very clearly unlocking order of the gameplay features through different groups of levels. That way, we were able to rationalization our game, it’s difficulty and make a logicical game progression (better dans Ultraflow 1).
Each week, we would review the levels produced by the other designers and set our objectives of production for the new week. That way, we managed to stick to our deadline to release a game that we are very proud of.


I was also in charge of a part of the administrative tasks for our company.
I was doing the PR relation and the online communication.