Steep: Road to the Olympics

Platform: Xbox One / PS4 / PC
ReleaseDate: December 2017
Studio: Ubisoft Annecy
Period I spent on the project: From July 2017 to November 2017

My Responsibilities 
Playgrounds: Snowparks & grindparks

Most of my time was dedicated to design and build the different playground in the Japanese part of the open world. Those playgrounds were snowparks and grindparks, inlucing the Asahia snowpark, the Norikura snowpark and players’ favorite snowpark of the game so far, Yotei Snowpark.

Mission Scripting

I scripted the four Mountain Stories of the Japanese part of the open world (narrative missons).
I’ve also be a support to the level designer who was scripting the main storyline of the expansion.