Platform: Anrdoid/iOS + Nintendo Switch (Different Premium version)
Release Date: November 2016
Studio: Eden Games
Period I spent on the project: From July to September 2014 (intern)/ From July to September 2015 (intern)/ From July 2016 to March 2017 (contract)

My responsibilities 

In Level Design

  • I’ve created the first 11 circuits of the game in 2014 that are still in the final game. I created numerous additionnal circuits after that inclunding the off-track rally-ish circuit when the drift was king.
  • I worked on the in-house track creator plugin for Unity. The tool was spline-based and I was in charge of testing it and proposing improvements to the environment artist and the tool programmer under the responsability of my lead designer

In Game Design

  • I handled and balanced the behavior of all the car of the games including the off-track ones
  • I participated to the design of the garage systems including the upgrade system linked to free-to-play monetization features.
  • I participated in the design of the interface and the global user experience including the design of the on-boarding
  • I designed and managed the multiplayer events and the leagues
  • I created all the default cinematic cameras for the introduction and replay sequence of the tracks
  • I designed a part of the game’s progression