Platform: PC prototype
Release Date: Demo version in 2016
Genre: Open world hunting game
Master Degree Final year student project
Period: From September 2015 to May 2016

Project Presentation

Feral is a hunting game in which you play as a feline animal at the first person view. You track down animal to eat and feed your babies but be careful, you’re not at the top of the food chain…

Feral was a student project developed with 7 of my classmates during our final year of study at Supinfogame.

My Responsibilities

3C Game Design

For Feral, we had very big objectives concerning the 3C as no game ever created puts the players in the skin of a feline animal at the first person view. We really wanted the player to embody the predator so we put a lot of efforts into the 3Cs of the game.

I was in charge of creating the headbob camera effects and balance the behavior. I also created a 3C test level to practice and test our gameplay mechanics.

Technical Design

We developed the prototype on the Unreal Engine 4 and as I was the most advanced user of this technology in the team at that time, I was in charge of helping our team members to produce their content:

  • I created different reusable AI functions to be used by Louis Gauthier who worked on the animals’ behavior
  • I integrated the UI assets
  • I tried to optimize the game with the gameplay programmer and the artists
  • I scripted small interactive environment plants and animals.

Project Management

I was also in charge of setting the team’s objective and keeping them on track during the production of this prototype. I was the point of content of the teachers that were following the projects. I organized playtests and recruited additionnal people to help our 3D artists on few assets. We also had the help of a sound design at the end of the project and a UI artist that came from Singapore for a student xchang program.

We released the prototype on Itch.io and the reception from players has been insane. We had thousands of downloads and so many videos created on Youtube. If we addition all of them, the game has generated over 12 millions views on Youtube!  Here is a playlist of those videos: