A new chapter in my life… and my Book!

Today is the start of a new chapter of my life and my career as I’m leaving Ubisoft to get to a way of living that fits my deepest needs. I’ve met incredible people there, people that changed me as a coworker but, most importantly, as a human being. My evolution over those two years and half have been insane.
I won’t lie, I’ve been through dark times last year and I could not get out of there without some of those amazing people ; yet I’ve learned from that too.

My personal objectives haven’t changed a bit, I’m just doing now what I had planned to do in about 10 years: 

  • Live and work the way I want with my own constraints: Being able to organize my agenda freely have always been a wish. Like many people, I can’t stay focus 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in an office. I need to get out, walk, think, dream whenever I want to. Working on more than one game over several years – in opposition to sticking to one AAA in a big company-, travel to meet new teams and people with their own objectives, culture and methodologies, that’s the life I want to build for myself because I’ve understood that it makes me happy;
  • Take the time to teach more and share my experience because I really enjoy it and it seems that my students enjoy having me in class too so that’s a big source of motivation. It’s very exhauting when you’re really involved in it but the sense of fullfillment at the end of the day is like nothing else I’ve experienced;
  • Help restore our planet because we can’t wait for someone else to do it: we are someone else. There are many things I want do to help like pushing for zero waste and ratiocinated energy usage in game development, build a place to work where I can grow food and get self-sufficient in something to put back carbon in the soil. Most importantly, when I’ll have a better view on my business, I want to be able to donate a part of my revenue to green causes like reforestation projects and animal/environment protection. 

Few months ago, I was ready to leave the game industry (because of diverse reasons I may talk someday in another blog post). But more recently, I’ve realised that game creation has been in me forever. I cannot throw that away. Not yet. January 2020 has seen the rise of a phoenix as my wish to create games grew back. This year is gonna be a great year and you get to be a part of this.

As you probably understood, to fulfill my wish to be more flexible in my life and because designers are still suffering from huge workflow issues in many studios, I’m starting my freelance business as a Technical Designer to help companies empower their designers by improving their methodologies and their tools. I’m convinced we’ll be able to get to our own objectives if we get to work together. 

Today is also the proper day to announce my biggest project at the moment: my first book, aimed to help juniors understand how to improve their application profile when they apply to game jobs. The book is called Starting your career in the video game industry”. In this book, I’m sharing my experience to explain everything juniors should know when they are looking for work: the way we see their portfolio and their resume, how recruitment processes go, how to be a better coworker, etc.

The book is planned to be released as an e-book around May 2020 in both French and English editions.


If you want more details about the content of the book, check out the dedicated page on my website and follow me on Twitter @FranckFitrzyk to get the latest information.

I’ll also take time to write articles about Game Development that have been waiting for too long. New podcast episode of my French program “Meet The Dev” will come out as well as a new video and audio podcast serie about game career, following the release of the book.

So, as I said, 2020 is the start of something new.