STEEP: Road to the Olympics

Genre: Extreme mountain sport simulation game in open worlds
Platform: PC – Xbox One – PS4
Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Release Date: December, 5th 2017

“Steep: Road to the Olympics” is an expansion of the open world sport franchise, Steep, from Ubisoft Annecy. 


I’m been part of the World team working on the Japanese mountains (no Olympics content).

    • Designing, building and iterating on snowparks and grind parks  from concept to gold master in order to provide a new snowpark experience for Steep;
      3 snowparks & 5 grind parks
    • Creating level design patterns for snowpark modules with their metrics
      Here are video of players paying on some of my layouts:

  • Designing and scripting the four Japan’s Mountain stories (scripted missions telling legends of the world)
    In-house engine visual scriptiong solution.
    Here is a video showing off the different quests.

  • Create and iterate on additionnal world content like cliff holes (for wingsuit navigation), lost big air jumps etc.

Game Expansion Trailer