Gear Club – Eden Games

Genre: Simulation oriented racing gameGearClubLogo
Platforms: iOS devicesAndroid devices
Developer: Eden Games
“Eden Games today is an independent game studio managed by two of its original co-founders, David Nadal and Jean-Yves Geffroy. The studio is composed of both experienced veterans and highly talented young developers, all driven by the same passion for cars, high-end design and technologies.”
The studio is known for the V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited original series.

1. Internship June 2014 – September 2014
2. Internship June 2015 – September 2015
3. Contracted July 2016 – March 2017


I worked one year and a half as Game Designer & Level Designer on Gear.Club. I started to work on the project as an intern during the early months of the game’s pre-production. I followed the project during its production until its release and its fifth update.

During the pre-production, I was involved in the performance shop’s features design (workshops function, customization, monetization, user interface, etc).
Here’s what has become the Performance Shop:

During this pre-production period, I also worked with the team to build up the First playable & publishable demo’s content and walkthrough as well as a playtest process to iterate on the game.

Level Desgin: Track Creation
Gear.Club’s tracks last between one and 2 minutes to fit the specific free-to-play model, the game’s progression and fit the mobile market habits. The game contains over 100 tracks. I ‘ve been the second designer to work with the home-made track editor built in Unity 3D. I worked with my lead designer, the artists and the programmers to improve this awesome tool and empower the team’s productivity.
I created the first 11 tracks of the game which, with a lot of iteration, would become the level quality standard we’d like to produce in our tracks. From this work, we built a workflow for a level creation but most importantly, we were able to set rules for the creation of a racing track in our game.

During the production, I created 14 other levels including the “Esparring” (a long track, compared to Gear.Club standard track duration, which is used in the monthly car events) for both asphalt and off-road surface.

Gameplay Design: Car Setting/Balancing

Gear.Club is a simulation oriented racing game, which means the cars answer to real life physic rules and behaviors. Cars are the characters and they represent the centric gameplay experience the game provides.
For about one year, I was mainly in charge of the cars’ performance balancing & handling. It consisted in setting the cars’ performances from their realistic statistic to an “unreal” upgraded version, using a home-made editor built in Unity 3D in coordination with a physic programmer.
Once the car’ specifications were setted right, I was tweaking various physics parameters to create a unique handling that would fit the best the car’s real life behavior.

So I created 24 different cars with various performances and behaviors.

I also had to set the racing cameras for almost all the cars.

We iterated and validated cars handling with intern playtests but also balanced them according to the community’s feedback.

Off-road/Rally mode

On’s version 1.9, we released a new Rally mode. We didn’t add new specific cars for this mode, we prefered to allow players to use their current cars on dirt.
To do so, I had to create a second setting for the A & B categorie cars. The intention was to add more drift, jumps and bounce effects to our gameplay.

As part of this new mode, we had to create specific levels that would propose those options to drift and jump. We set new creation rules for those tracks and I created 5 of them.
Here is a trailer showing the result of this work:

Multiplayer League events’ organization

Gear.Club contains a multiplayer mode in which players can compete against each others’ ghosts.
I had to:
– Create the list of multiplayer events for different car categories, sub-categories and specific model from a selection of the best game’s tracks.
– Plan the duration and the content of the eight different Leagues
– Set the events in the Leagues and debug them with the QA team.

Other Tasks

During my time at Eden Games, I also had the opportunity to work on other various tasks like:
– Designing new game modes
– Creating several cinematics for the introduction to the map, the discovery of car dealers
– Designing the beginning of one version of the tutorial
– Creating contextual cameras for the race introduction and the replay cameras.