Feral – Final Year Project

Genre: Hunting Game161014_selection-ping-awards-2016-print
Platform: PC
Period: August 2015 – July 2016

Game Overview
Feral is a hunting game in which you embody a wild feline animal in first person view. You have to hunt and survive in an imaginary and hostile forest. But becareful, you are not the only predator in this world… You can be hunted too.

We focused on
– The 3Cs and body awareness of an animal
– Hunting and survival systems and gameplay mechanics to create tension in the hunt/being hunted experience
– A believable and dense open-world including interactive flora & fauna


– 3C Design, tweaking and Camera animation curves design
– Open-map design (methodology, organization, technical support)
– HUD, Menus (including prototyping)
– Project’s Optimization on Unreal Engine 4
– System design (fauna & flora scripting)

– Managing a core team of 6 talented people
(Art: Chloé Ravallec, Romane Govin, Mickael Verbeke; Design: Louis Gauthier, Hugues Barlet; Programming: Sébastien Fouque)
– Setting up milestone objectives, planning & tasks lists
– Bringing technical support, mainly on Unreal Engine 4 & Perforce
– Bridge between the team and professional consultants