Beijila Island – Far Cry 3 Map

Beijila Island is a Far Cry 3 map created with its map editor. I made this level with Hugues Barlet during the first 2015’s quarter.

The objective was to try to create an “open combat zone” that you can approach different ways Far Cry 3′ style. We use what we called a Blind Iterative Design Process (B.I.D.P). To sum up this method, we just set intentions of what we want the player to experiment in the level and then we work on the map without communicate that much. So, you can modify the map, erasing what the other one has done, but you know it’s for the best. It’s an incredible pleasure to open the file and take a look to what have changed and it’s a great source of inspiration that allowed us to empover our creation. Of course, it requires a high level of trust between people.

It was also a good occasion to work on level art.

This video is a walkthrough showing two ways of acheiving the level: stealthy or brutally.

This second video is an overview of the final result. The second half of the video is a sort of timelapse of the level evolution.