16 – Personal Project

Genre: Side-scrolling Platformer
Platform: Web browser
Period: June 2013 – September 2013

Game Overview
In 16, you can choose your avatar’s size which determinates the height and length of his jumps. You can also choose between three “abilities”: you can destroy your avatar to destroy some platforms, or you can sacrifice him to create a new platform or even create a buncing plaftorm. Everything in this game is about sacrifice.

– In charge of the level design and the sound design while my friend was programming and making graphics
– Creating 50 levels plus six hardcore bonus levels

You can play the game here

ss (2013-10-26 at 04.39.54) ss (2013-10-26 at 05.03.50)

ss (2013-10-26 at 04.39.54) ss (2013-10-26 at 04.44.22)

We wanted to participate to the Casual Games Cup, a contest organized by Jeux.com. It has involved to think a lot of things, especialy in level design and tweaking, to make the game easy to play but difficult to master. I had to think of a soft progress curve with basic levels at the beginning of the game to help the most casual gamers to quickly understand the controls and the game mechanics.

It was a bit difficult at the beginning to think of several ways that the players could progress in each levels with the different abilities and the avatar sizes, and not to focus on the best way to do it.

prix– The People’s choice &  Most Original Univers – Casual Games Cup 2013